As the occupiers-controlled “official” write, the fake “state council” intends to “remove” the “property tax” from structures in the field of “work in the field of subsoil study and reproduction of the mineral resource base”, which primarily concerns “the reception and processing of extracted medicinal mud”, the current production figures for which, mainly in Saki, are estimated by the occupiers at three thousand tons per annum.

Initiated by the criminal Sergei Aksyonov, “support for mud workers” was announced “in the context of a significant decrease in the tourist flow to Crimea, as well as preventing them from becoming unprofitable,” and the so-called “Crimean hydrogeological regime-operational station”, located in Saki, with “director” Valentin Ivanitsky, a criminal “deputy of the town council” from “United Russia”.

This “station” for the sale of mud and “production of cosmetics” really shows million-dollar losses in its “reports,” but this is not about “saving drowning people” in once healing lakes. It’s just that in 2023, the “mud workers” received real estate from the “authorities” on balance, and at the same time, under the guise of “expanding production,” the development of the coastal zone with high-rise buildings for the criminal Russian colonialists will obviously continue.

A year ago, we wrote about the discussion by the residents of Saki about the chaotic development of the lake shore, which certainly negatively affects its hydrology, and about attempts to “refute” this concern from the “honorary karate man” Ivanitsky.

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