In June, the occupiers’ propaganda spread the statement of the invaders’ criminal “minister of resorts and tourism”, Vadim Volchenko, that allegedly “since 2014, the tourism industry of Crimea has been experiencing a period of revival. Every year, new facilities are opened that become a magnet for holidaymakers”.

In the current conditions, such not just fake, but also tragicomic statements have only become the basis for a new surge of hysteria among the same Crimean collaborators.

The fact that they are made by a collaborator who is more experienced not in the resort business but in propaganda, previously declared by the occupiers in the criminal roles of the “head of the representative office” of such a fake factory as “Russia today” in the occupied Crimea, is not surprising, since no “rainbow statistics”, promised by the invaders according to the “season” back in April, they are now unable to generate for obvious reasons.

In addition to the obvious absence of “Russian tourists” in the occupied Crimea this summer, it is worth citing the recent words of another collaborator, “blogger” Alexander Gorny, that “there is no tourist yet, they hope, they remember past years, and they curse the main tourist leader of Crimea”, as well as that “summer has begun and the season will be, but more like a dead cat”.

Trying to voice this “rebellion on his knees” of his “colleagues” in the “tourist workshop”, Gorny adds that “my forecast is not even for a week, but for the near future, very negative”, stating that about the “plans” of the collaborators “for the summer or until the end of the year… they can forget,” emphasizing that “now is the time of chaos, only its beginning, and there is hardly anyone who sees the situation objectively”.

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