On February 9, aggressor-controlled “media” announced a request from the “Crimean ministry of transport” to the aggressor’s government for the “purchase of 10 sea passenger ships,” of which at least 6 are “local” and 4 are “interregional” traffic.

At first glance, the requirement seems schizophrenic for a simple reason: the “Crimean transport workers” themselves admit not only that “the fleet of the ‘Crimean sea ports’ enterprise is worn out by more than 90%” and that “the region has three ships on its balance sheet in the Yalta port that can transport passengers”, but also that most of the hydraulic structures of the ports of Yalta and Yevpatoria “have been taken out of service due to wear and tear, they are in disrepair and require reconstruction”.

Therefore, how is it even possible to purchase local vessels for these ports, where they cannot be operated, the “transport workers” are “modestly keeping silent” from their collaborators. However, the calculation here is banal: if the Kremlin allocates money, then the next step will be to allocate “unfortunate 70 billion” “for the construction and repair of 34 port infrastructure facilities – 14 yacht marinas and 20 port points,” where, in principle, any funds can “dissolve”.

We have previously written repeatedly about the grandiose scam of “development” of billions “in coastal defense” promoted by Crimean collaborators, and now the collaborators have obviously decided to ask for “sea money” for “Putin’s re-elections”, especially in the context of criminal “interregional transportation”. Apparently in Simferopol they hope that the previous scam with “the construction of “Comets” for the Crimea” has been safely forgotten by everyone.

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