For the last few days, the aggressor’s propaganda has been telling that supposedly “in Crimea they are preparing reclamation systems, reservoirs and the North Crimean Canal for the irrigation season”. The imitation of vigorous activity concerns primarily the Pervomaisky (Dzhurchi) area, where they allegedly “change pumps” with “Russian analogues”, however, they are far from “first-class”. In fact, the aggressor returned to the scheme it launched in 2016, when water was transferred to Kerch and Feodosia by canal from artesian wells and from the waters of the Kara-Su River.

However, the most tragicomic is the statement that “in the Razdolnensky, Dzhankoy and Nizhnegorsky districts, by the beginning of spring, specialized services should prepare reclamation systems – about two and a half thousand cubic meters and more than fifty stations”. It is obvious that in the north of Crimea no water will even hypothetically enter the canal this spring, so the current “information noise” reflects a simple “bureaucratic task”: to successfully “master” the “reclamation funds” “budgeted” before the aggressor undermined the dam of Kakhovska HPP.

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