On February 7, the criminal “Sevastopol governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev announced the alleged “restoration of berth No. 11,” located on Zakharov Square on the northern side of Sevastopol, “including its eastern side.” The pier itself was significantly damaged during a November storm, and the occupiers used it only partially; however, the declared “comprehensive examination by specialists” from the illegal Sevelektroavtotrans and Mostotrest was only an imitation; so that passengers would not be frightened by the cracks in the emergency structure, it was hastily “covered with asphalt”.

However, this format of “rolling the problem into asphalt” did not work out for the Sevastopol authorities with the pier at Radiogorka, which was much more damaged by the storm. Since its occupiers “plan for reconstruction” for 2025, that is, “approximately never”, earlier the same Razvozhaev promised the population an “alternative route” from the “right berth on the Mikhailovskaya battery,” but now it turns out that “they cannot deliver him there in any way”. The criminal “governor” explained the delay by the need for “coordination with the military” and the fact that “Sevastopol is essentially now a front-line region”, but in fact we are also talking about the fact that the occupiers do not have the necessary equipment “at hand” for towing.

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