On May 6, in the occupied Simferopol, the Russian invaders organized a “press conference” of the illegal “Research Institute of Agriculture of the Crimea” (“NIISKh of Crimea” or “RIAC”), “dedicated to the results of the trip of scientists from the RIAC to China”.

Among other things, the signing of an illegal “agreement” between the fake “Crimean Academy of Sciences” and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences “on unlimited cooperation, exchange of delegations, joint research patent” is announced, according to which “Chinese scientists will train … specialists to work on their equipment.”

The main speaker and “visitor” of this provocation is collaborator Vladimir Pashtetsky, a typical post-communist manager who has both the Soviet army and Komsomol work in his biography, and “increased milk yields” and fake “scientific achievements” at the expense of subordinates.

However, what is important here is not the provocation itself on the supposedly “foreign relations” of the occupiers, but also the specifics of “cooperation”, since both Pashtetsky and his “subordinates” from the “RIAC” do not hide the fact that the purpose of their trip to Beijing, and illegal “agreements” is the desire to “test how … microbials on another land in other hands will behave”, as the “director” himself said, “our microbes … and Chinese equipment will greatly speed up the work”.

Pashtetsky’s subordinates, Natalia Nevkryaia, Svetlana Didovich and Sevil Seitadzhieva, also announced the transfer to the Chinese, represented by the same academy of the Chinese Agricultural University, and some microbes and the receipt in return of “world-class Chinese equipment”, which “can only be compared with space flight”.

Here we are not even talking only about the fact that it is the studies of animal pathogens by Chinese scientists that many authors associate with the current epidemic of the coronavirus.
Recall that in 2021, our Association proved the criminal activity of the occupiers at the “Crimean Anti-Plague Station” captured in Simferopol, most likely with a study of the possibility of using the tularemia pathogen in combat conditions.

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