As Elena Demidova, the criminal “head of administration” of the Russia-occupied Yevpatoria, reported on January 31, she “appeared” a new criminal “deputy”, namely Oleg Sarginov, who until January 2023 had criminally served the occupiers “in the prosecutor’s office”. At the same time, recent details of this character’s biography make us pay attention to this next fake “leapfrog of appointments”.

Sarginov is a collaborator who worked in the Crimean prosecutor’s office before the start of the Russian occupation, for example, in the position of the Dzhankoy inter-district prosecutor, and later he criminally went over to the side of the aggressor.

Having betrayed his homeland, he not only collaborated with the occupiers, but also criminally “supported the prosecution” in two political trials of the aggressor – against a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Ilmi Umerov, and against the Crimean journalist Nikolai Semena. In 2017, Ukrainian law enforcement officers sent a case of treason against Sarginov to court.

Not only the occupiers’ “transfer” of their accomplices from among the punishers, tied to political persecution, into the fake “civil administration” is noteworthy in this situation. Sarginov also has close ties with Natalya Poklonskaya, both before and after 2014, and in his new illegal “position”, so he will obviously be involved in the “storm in a teacup” processes related to the Western Crimea, which we have repeatedly written about.

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