At the beginning of December, we wrote that the fake “head of administration” of the occupied Inkerman, Rodion Demchenko, was “removed from office due to loss of confidence,” allegedly by “decision of the Balaklava District Court” and due to “corruption,” which he did not fail to mention. boast” Mikhail Razvozhaev. We noted that the “high-profile case” of Demchenko’s collaborator, who since 2005 had been involved in petty scams in the confectionery company “Sweet Life” and actively served the “Russian world” as the “chief of staff of the Sevastopol Cossack Union” “Rus” since 2009 and a deputy of the Inkerman City Council from the marginal party “Russian Bloc” since 2010, concerned exclusively the “war for feeding troughs” and the desire of the same Razvozhaev to have a “reliable subordinate” in Inkerman.

This role will now most likely be played by the current “new acting head” of Inkerman, Vadim Putintsev, previously the “deputy” of the same Demchenko. Unlike the former “boss,” who, however, managed to “bargain” to retain his “deputy mandate,” Putintsev is an aggressor’s colonialist, who arrived in Sevastopol after the start of the occupation. Putintsev is from Nizhnevartovsk, he used to be a professional volleyball player and “marked” the Russian youth team, and then played for the teams “Ugra-Samotlor” from Nizhnevartovsk and “Yenisei” from Krasnoyarsk. Let us note, that it was in Krasnoyarsk that the current criminal Sevastopol Gauleiter Razvozhaev made his career for a long time.

It is noteworthy that despite the supposedly “peaceful” nature of Putintsev’s “sports achievements,” in Sevastopol he not only became a criminal functionary of the “Children’s Sports” and “People’s Control” “projects,” but also joined the leadership of the “Balaklava branch” of the structure in 2019 “Boyevoye Bratstvo” (“Combat Brotherhood”), into which the aggressor rounded up “combat veterans, border guards, foreign intelligence services, special forces units, disabled people from Afghanistan and other hot spots, internationalist doctors”, further conducting propaganda “lessons of courage” in Sevastopol schools.

Since Putintsev clearly does not look like an “internationalist physician,” it is obvious that he set his “international volleyball records” in completely different uniforms. We will also add that Pavel Lebedev tried to use the “Sevastopol” “Combat Brotherhood” as an affiliated “projection of power”, and therefore he will certainly remain a “minority shareholder” of the criminal “Inkerman administration”.

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