On October 25, the aggressor’s “Crimean” propaganda announced the “arbitration decision” in the previously described show of the “trial of damage from the water blockade” conducted in Simferopol by a group of collaborators from Vladimir Konstantinov.

However, the “decision” of 152 billion rubles drawn up by collaborators against the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the State Agency for Water Resources of Ukraine and the North Crimean Canal Authority is not only absurd, but also, among other things, comical in the choice of “defendants”.

In practical terms, the occupier received a simple problem: for some reason, no one seriously responded to this “flight of legal thought” either in Ukraine, or in third countries, or in international structures, and now this circus is clearly over and it will be enough to organize new “information feeds” for the occupiers difficult.

At the same time, as we are told from the Crimea, Konstantinov planned to drag out this show for several more “meetings”, but the Kremlin received a command to “wind up” because in this “process” the Moscow curators were unable to discern anything other than the self-PR of the old swindler from “Consol”.

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