The occupiers-controlled “media” began to disseminate complaints from residents of the Russia-occupied Inkerman about suffocating smoke near residential buildings, which has recently been emitted from the local crematorium, allegedly due to “incineration of medical waste”.

Of course, such attention to the work of the illegal company “Ekon” by a certain Alexei Nechalov, who until 2019 was doing business in Karelia, is not dictated by concern for the Inkerman residents, it’s just that new skyscrapers are planned to be illegally built near the crematorium for Russian colonizers, mainly for military ones. However, this squabble over the land between the groups of invaders made it possible to obtain interesting information.

Formally, the Nechalov crematorium burns “used consumables, remnants of tissues after operations, expired vaccines, corpses of laboratory animals” and it is clear that these materials, even from all hospitals on the peninsula, will not allow it to create “such smoke every night that people are forced to close windows”.

In the public domain there is data on the “contracts” of the illegal “Ekon” with many “medical facilities” of the Russia-occupied Sevastopol, as well as Crimea, but for the period until 2022. But what exactly in such quantities the Inkerman crematorium began to burn in recent months – is a rather rhetorical question. At a minimum, we are talking about all sorts of “more unnecessary” parts of “cargo 300” from Russian invaders from Sevastopol hospitals, and possibly also about “cargo 200”.

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