As people write on social networks, the aggressor’s Sevastopol propagandist, Alexander Borodavchenko, a criminal “deputy from United Russia” in the fake “Gagarinskyi municipality,” has become a frequent visitor to occupied Melitopol. The father of this “young talent”, who attended the Moscow “United Russia” congress in 2021, was a Lugansk “Berkut” member who received a “passport” at the very beginning of Russian aggression by a “closed decree” of the Kremlin dictator.

The “young deputy” himself was noted primarily for periodic “public wars” with the Sevastopol collaborator of the “old school”, Anton Titsky, who organized the collaborator “Russian Youth Movement” before 2014. During the criminal “governorship” of Mikhail Razvozhaev, the fake “head of the Leninsky district” Titsky experienced “temporary difficulties of misunderstanding” from which he resigned into the role of “adviser to the head of the federal agency for youth affairs”, and in 2022 he was declared by the occupiers to be the criminal “minister of youth policy” in occupied Melitopol.

Further squabbling between Titsky and Borodavchenko can be explained by the chronic confrontation between the Melitopol gautleiter Evgeniy Balitsky, about whose Sevastopol connections we have written many times, and his “deputy”, the Siberian PR man Sergei Tolmachev, who came from the team of the same Razvozhaev. The “aggravation of the political situation” can be associated with the next show of the criminal “Putin elections” planned by the aggressor for the spring, within the framework of which Tolmachev will strive to “at least undermine the position” of his “dearly beloved boss” Balitsky.

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