By the beginning of February, several “communal situations” had escalated in Russai-occupied Kerch. Among other things, the occupiers, in line with the general trend of “cost cutting,” liquidated the illegal “municipal unitary enterprise “ZhilserviceKerch”” because it “is unprofitable and such a burden on the municipal budget cannot be carried indefinitely”. It is not specified who will now “pay for the losses of the utility companies”, but the townspeople understood this very well.

The second situation was the demolition of the green spaces of the Kazennyi Park, expected by residents, as part of its “improvement”. During the years of occupation, the park really fell into disrepair, but the current development, in which about 76 million will be “laundered” through the “individual entrepreneur” Tatyana Zorina, provides for the virtual destruction of the green zone. It is noteworthy that when discussing the dissatisfaction of the townspeople with the “managerial talents of the city administration”, its criminal “head” Svyatoslav Brusakov called the dissatisfied city residents as “rabble” (“shelupon'”) live on “city television”.

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