The “media” controlled by the occupiers are once again trying to portray the “successes” of a certain “economy” and “financial sector” of the peninsula, but by the end of 2023 this “turns out” as unconvincing as possible. Collaborators say through gritted teeth that “many enterprises are not yet able to achieve self-sufficiency” and that “industrial production in the republic decreased by 1.5%,” but they try to attribute these maximally softened figures to the “mining sector” reporting that supposedly “losses from the reduction in tourist flow will be offset by an increase in construction and government orders”.

At the same time, as we have repeatedly written before, the “construction sector” did not demonstrate any “growth” in the outgoing year, and regarding “government orders” it remains to recall the words of those same collaborators about “a decrease in the revenue side of the republic’s budget in 2024 compared to 2023 due to a decrease in the volume of subsidies by 38 billion rubles”. The collaborators came up with the idea of “plugging up” the gaping hole by increasing criminal financial pressure on the population itself, declaring that supposedly “21 percent of the working population of the republic is in the shadows, and this is 10 billion rubles of potential budget revenues”.

Whether the occupiers will be able to squeeze out these funds in an impoverished region is at least a rhetorical question; However, the collaborators also have obvious criminal “priorities”, for which they “allocate” hundreds of millions even in the current deplorable state of affairs. For example, the aggressor criminally introduced 418 positions of advisors to directors in “schools in Crimea” on issues of militaristic propaganda and promised to continue not to skimp on the corresponding criminal activities of the “Crimeapatriotcenter”.

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