We have previously repeatedly described the various adventures of Natalya Poklonskaya, who in 2014 became the criminal “face of the Crimean spring” and then managed to take part in many of the aggressor’s scams. Since the summer of 2022, the Kremlin has banned the prodigal daughter of the “Russian world” from further media activity, “mothballing” Poklonskaya as an assistant to the aggressor’s prosecutor general.

And on October 30, the notorious “nyash-myash”, after a long silence, posted a publication on social networks with quite characteristic content. Poklonskaya writes about “scammers acting on my behalf on various social networks,” saying that a certain “American citizen” communicated with her “fake on social networks” for 11 months.

Poklonskaya writes that allegedly “the scammers (under my name) told him that Russia had extradited me to Ukraine, and for my ransom they needed to pay (as collateral) 100,000 US dollars” but that before “rescuing the nyash-myash” “the man decided to check this information and contacted the administrator of my fan group.”

It is typical that thirty years ago in Yevpatoria men were ready to shell out money after heartbreaking stories about Natalya, but why now Poklonskaya or her next “administrator” began to talk about the “humanity of Americans” will be shown in the near future.

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