Our Association has written many times about the criminal figure of PR man from Krasnoyarsk Sergei Tolmachev, declared an aggressor in January 2023 by the criminal “deputy governor of the Zaporizhzhya region”. Let us recall that in 2021, Tolmachev was illegally “brought” to occupied Sevastopol by the fake “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev and “promoted” to the criminal “position of deputy governor”.

It was Tolmachev who was involved by the occupiers since May 2022 in the criminal plunder of Ukrainian property in occupied Starobelsk, as well as last fall in the propaganda “support” of the criminal and fake “referendum” in occupied Melitopol. At the fake “elections,” Tolmachev was predictably declared the aggressor “number four” in the criminal “list of candidates” from “United Russia,” and a month ago, commenting on the words of the criminal “Governor of the Zaporizhzhya region” Evgeny Balitsky, Tolmachev said that “United Russia” would “take “not “2/3 of the seats,” as Balitsky promised, but “at least…3/4 of the seats”.

However, now the aggressor-controlled “media” is stating that “the situation … is heating up” and that “Tolmachev has moved into direct conflict with … Balitsky.” It is reported that “new facts have surfaced about Balitsky’s denunciations of Tolmachev” and that in the “documents the basis of the factual evidence is the lack of notification” by Tolmachev to his “boss” “about the decisions made to finance «media resources» in the region, as well as the presence of «double employment» with Tolmachev and his «team»”.

It is obvious that at the end of the “election” show, these processes of “spiders in the jar” were activated and most likely Balitsky is counting on his “untouchability” due to his “media status”; however, now his “family Sevastopol business” may have “big problems” caused by Razvozhaev’s team.

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