As the criminal “head of the republic” Sergei Aksyonov said some days ago, the aggressor is allegedly going to build a “new highway” from Rostov to Simferopol, which “will pass through the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, as well as through the city of Dzhankoy.” How the route of this road differs from the current one, through Melitopol and Berdyansk, the Crimean gauleiter “chose not to specify,” only stating that “together with deputy prime minister Marat Khusnullin they are working on this issue and preparing a proposal for the Russian government.”

At the same time, Aksyonov announced the cost of building the route, which could amount to a “modest” 400 billion rubles; however, he “adds” that “the question of the road execution option, which will depend on the amount of federal funds allocated for the project,” which means the collaborator has not yet been able to negotiate on the size of kickbacks and on “contractors” on the “Crimean section of the new highway.”

As ARC expert Borys Babin stated on this occasion for “Krym.Realii”, over the past year the aggressor authorities have repeatedly promised some new “roads” along the “land corridor” to Crimea, including the “route along the Arabat Spit” and the “highway to Melitopol”. “The current statements of Sergei Aksyonov should be assessed, at a minimum, based on the fact that, to put it mildly, he has little to do with the situation on the occupied mainland; the aggressor there has completely different puppets and financial flows. There are no signs of a “new road” between Novoazovsk and Chongar today And, apparently, we are talking mainly about the criminal attempts of the occupiers to ensure military and related supplies along the current highway,” stated Borys Babin.

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