The almost complete absence in the conditions of large-scale Russian aggression of those who want to play the criminal role of fake “people’s diplomats” forces the the invaders’ “Crimean” propaganda to take frankly tragicomic steps.

For example, for several days now, the aggressor-controlled “media” have been mulling over a “heart-rending story” about a certain German citizen Heinrich Hintz and the city of Rosenheim, who allegedly decided to bring “humanitarian aid” in the form of “50 kilograms of hygiene products”, “resupply him with food packages in Crimea and take him to Kherson region”.

At the same time, Yuri Gempel, the criminal “chairman of the state council committee on people’s diplomacy and interethnic relations”, who had previously publicly promised “hundreds of German families repatriating to the Crimea”, began to steam traditionally against the backdrop of several packages of soap and powder.

In this soap opera, the aggressor’s propaganda stated that Hintz “at first did not have the opportunity to use the navigator”, and he “was left without a telephone connection for some time and had no insurance”, and this figure allegedly “drove seven thousand kilometers in a private car” which resembles not just a traditional lie according to the Kremlin manuals, but some kind of outright delirium.

At the same time, it is stated that the criminal “host” of Hints was the “ Fund for international cooperation Soyuz”, which is headed by Viktor Vesna. This aggressor’s structureis registered in Moscow and is a traditional “lining” for the Russian special services in promoting their criminal “Crimean” narratives.

Vesna himself is a Crimean collaborator, on which a number of “tourist-oriented” offices are “listed” in the occupiers’ fake “registers”, including those associated with “medical tourism” and thus, probably with “black” transplantation.

However, it is obvious that these criminal schemes do not bring much “fat” in the current realities, and therefore Vesna’s attempts to “earn money” are now reduced to criminal supplies to the occupied Crimea of “soap men” like the aforementioned Hints.

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