On October 29, the world’s media depicted an anti-Semitic pogrom that occurred at the Dagestan Uytash airport, where a crowd broke into the airport, entered the runway and surrounded a plane supposedly arriving from Israel.

Then the rioters injured dozens of people with stones, including the police, and robbed shops, and then the airport was closed to eliminate the consequences of the pogrom. The fact that this surge of anti-Semitism occurred in the worst traditions of Russian imperialism is quite obvious, and the previous anti-Semitic statements and statements of Sergei Lavrov and the Kremlin dictator were stated by the President of Ukraine in response to the Dagestan pogrom. In this vein, what is characteristic is not the sheer mass nature of anti-Semitic actions in the North Caucasus and not the “reaction” to them of the local authorities, police and clergy, who allegedly “very much understand” the “indignation of the population”, but the pirouettes of the occupiers’ “Crimean” propaganda with the futile attempts of the occupiers to organize “ something similar” on the peninsula.

For example, the criminal “blogger” Alexander Talipov, who had previously been actively inciting hatred of Jews for three weeks according to a loose manual, now, among other things, stated that “a crowd stormed a strategic facility and is carrying out lynching” and that supposedly “the authorities and security forces of Dagestan are facing a “transfer” to Magadan”, which of course will not actually happen. At the same time, other manifestations of North Caucasian anti-Semitism, in addition to the seizure of Uytash used by Russian military aircraft, including “searches of hotels” and arson of construction sites, Talipov “covered” in a completely different tone.

Other aggressor’s “Crimean talking heads” also regularly implement the anti-Semitic methodology, and it is obvious that the desired goal for the aggressor is to fabricate the corresponding “indignation” with the participation of individual representatives of the Crimean Tatars. At the same time, following the example of the Russian special services’ use of the “Morning Dagestan” media the aggressor will try to incite anti-Semitism in the Crimea through structures, supposedly “independent from the authorities”.

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