We have previously repeatedly described the scams of Crimean collaborators on the “protection of educational facilities” as at the “bottomless bottom” of the corresponding “budget contracts”; it was reported that in order to “justify the need for security”, the relevant collaborators may not disdain organizing a provocation in a separate school. Against this background, a discussion is growing in Crimean social networks about the reasons for the urgent collection by the occupiers of “personal data” of schoolchildren and parents, since almost no one believes in the formal explanation “for issuing nutrition cards” “for accounting for beneficiaries”.

The occupiers’ propaganda tries to explain that “the school already has the personal data of parents,” and demands that parents “not fall into hysterical psychosis”; however, the parents themselves write on this occasion that “the digitalization of ever larger aspects of life…is a tool for total control over the population” and therefore “we are already slipping too quickly into some kind of dystopia”.

Realizing that the most “mild” real reasons for collecting information about the parents of schoolchildren are the search for dissidents and accounting for cannon fodder, the Crimean residents are trying to express sarcasm about this by pointing out that “to control the food intake of children, it is more reliable to use identification using a fingerprint” is probably not suspecting that the aggressor actually began to carry out forced fingerprinting of children, albeit in neighboring Melitopol.

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