After a series of tragicomic events in the fake “trial on the water blockade of Crimea,” the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov decided to “pull out of the bins” another “trial of the century” he had previously announced, clearly fabricated with the same “creative lawyers.” We are talking about the transfer of the peninsula to Ukraine in 1954, and it is obvious that the fake “speaker” is now trying to “relieve the Kremlin’s wariness” on this issue.

The concern of the Kremlin curators is simple: it is natural that the Moscow constitutional court, where Konstantinov “plans to appeal,” will accept anything if given the go-ahead from the Putin administration.
But the “small problem” here is not even that Russia has fully and exhaustively recognized the borders of Ukraine, including the Crimea, more than once after 1991.

The Kremlin is very concerned that Konstantinov and his staff of thieving Kharkov assistant professors are most likely poorly versed in history and may not be aware that in the middle of the last century the Russian republic not only transferred regions, but also accepted them into its composition, for example Karelia and Tuva. Moreover, the transfer took place according to a similar procedure without the corresponding “referendums and expressions of will”, which is what the stealing womanizer from the fraudulent “Consol” loves to shed crocodile tears about.

In this situation, in the information service of the Kremlin corridors, in addition to sarcasm about the “Tuvan precedent” in favor of the Shoigu group, metal is clearly visible about Konstantinov’s fantasies about the “judicial assessment of the collapse of the USSR”.

The fact is that in Russia itself, social movements of “citizens of the Soviet Union” who deny the collapse of the empire and, accordingly, the powers of the Russian government are a significant political problem. Over the past couple of years, the Kremlin has decided to fight it through repression; thus, “Konstantinov’s ideas” today can “pull”, with the appropriate mood of punitive forces, an encroachment on the “constitutional system”.

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