At the beginning of July, a number of aggressor-controlled “Sevastopol channels”, such as “Boh Vidit” (“God Sees”), disseminated an announcement of “terrorist attacks at the Olympic Games in Paris,” which will be carried out allegedly by “Islamists.” It is difficult to assess these threats on behalf of the Russian special services as simply whipping up an atmosphere of fear.
For example, “CNN” previously wrote about a potential terrorist threat on the eve of the Olympic Games in Paris, and in May, “The New York Times”, citing sources in American and European security services, wrote that the main intelligence department of the aggressor’s Ministry of Defense had intensified sabotage operations in Europe.
Let us remind that all intelligence services and the national police of France have been operating at the maximum level of terrorist threat since March, and 250 people from among the security personnel of the Olympic and Paralympic Games were suspended, including due to suspicions of connections with radicals.
Radio Liberty wrote that “among them were many Chechens working in the airport security system and government agencies.”
It is reported that “at the end of May, the French police carried out a large-scale special operation in different cities and detained about 10 members of the Chechen diaspora suspected of radicalization” and it was also “announced the detention of an 18-year-old native of Chechnya, he was accused of planning a terrorist attack during one of the football matches at the upcoming Summer Olympics.”
Let us note that after these detentions, the French authorities were unable to expel anyone from the country or even isolate them from society for a long period of time; It was stated that after these arrests, “lawyers and human rights activists became involved in the cases.”
The near future will tell whether the French authorities will be able to resist the threats of the Russian special services, voiced from Crimea.

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