Few days ago, the occupiers’ propaganda “pleased us with creativity” by trying to explain “statistical data” about the “abnormally high” share of “marriage contracts” signed during “marriages” in occupied Sevastopol, compared with the “corresponding percentage” on Russian territory.

The “Sevastopol media” controlled by the aggressor are trying to “explain” this “lack of patriarchal values” by some special “legal awareness of citizens”, supposedly massive “purchase of real estate” and even “sale of housing certificates to residents of the Kherson region”.

Naturally, such “news resources” are silent about the real motivation for the “husband’s contracting”, while it is obvious: mass criminal “mobilization” and other forms of maximum recruitment of “cannon fodder” in the occupied city lead a number of “halves” of the “promising cargo 200” to pragmatic the desire to “fix” their “rights to the coffin” in advance, bypassing other relatives of the “posthumous breadwinner” in this matter.

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