Since mid-January, the occupiers’ criminal “Ministry of transport” began to announce another “breakthrough success” in the form of the “Yalta-Mariupol” bus route, the departure of which on January 19 was massively covered by the aggressor’s propaganda, including Tass. Let us recall that in the previous year and a half, the corresponding pathos of the invaders accompanied the “official flights” from Crimea to Henichesk and Melitopol; however, then the occupiers used the fleet of “state-owned” Crimean trolleybuses, but now Crimean Tatar collaborators began to serve the fake picture of the “happy Russian world” in the ruins of Mariupol.

The occupiers did not directly disclose the name of the carrier, but the “bus to Mariupol” that appeared in the propaganda belongs to the “Bolshoi Mir” (“Big World”) company, which is now engaged in transportation both across the peninsula, from Simferopol to Kerch, Feodosia and Yevpatoria, and on the aggressor’s territory. Let us note that it was this company that, during the Russian occupation of Kherson, organized illegal bur routes from the regional center through the occupied Crimea to Moscow, Krasnodar and St. Petersburg. In addition, “Bolshoi Mir” criminally launched in 2023, serving the aggressor’s propaganda narratives, a bus from Yalta to Minsk. It is extremely likely that buses from the “Bolshoy Mir” company also transported children, deported by the aggressor, from mainland Ukraine.

“Bolshoi Mir” has been listed in the Ukrainian registers since 2007 and Shevket Balich acted on its behalf before the occupation, and during the occupation he “surfaced” in Saki Sizovka settlement as an “auto repair businessman”. And during the occupation, the company is run by completely different people, namely the Ablyakimov family: the spouses Elmaz and Rustam, as well as their son Rushen, who is connected, among other things, with the scams of the Yalta water utility from the invaders.
Other illegal companies in the field of transportation, “cloned” from pre-occupation ones, are also associated with this family, these are “Simtransservice”, “Avtosistema”, “Krymskiye Perevozki” (“Crimean Transportation”) and so on. It is interesting that last year, one of the “directors” of these companies, Ruslan Azizov, was also registered with the company “International automobile transportation” from Mytishchi, near Moscow.

The roots of this “bus empire” go back to the biography of Rustam’s brother, Ernes Ablyakimov, who graduated from the Tashkent Automobile and Highway Institute and rose in Ukrainian traffic police to the position of Head of the Traffic Police Department of the Simferopol District before the occupation.
Ablyakimov “judiciously capitalized” what he “honestly earned” from the Simferopol bypass not only into a family business, but also into a political career. First, he became a deputy of the Simferopol City Council from the “Party of Pensioners of Ukraine”, and in 2011 he acquired the post of judge of the District Administrative Court of Crimea in the administration of Viktor Yanukovych.

It is interesting that Ernes Ablyakimov “helped” his other relatives, for example, Idayat Huseynov, first appointing him as a deputy to the Simferopol Central District’s Council, and then, in 2012, to the Simferopol City Council from the “Party of Regions”; Now Huseynov also has a “Crimean business” in the field of road transportation, including the Yalta “firm” “Prestige”. In October 2014, Ablyakimov tried to become the “deputy chairman” of the occupiers’ illegal “arbitration court”, but he was not successful and further focused on the “family contract”. At the same time, the Ablyakimov family “does not shine” in the occupation “power vertical”, preferring to serve the aggressor in the “commercial plane”.

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