As its reported on official sources of Parliamentary Assembly of NATO, during the Assembly´s 68th Annual Session, held in the Spanish capital Madrid, almost 300 lawmakers from the 30 NATO Allies and partner countries debated and adopted six resolutions with policy recommendations for the NATO governments, regarding keen to bolster defence and deterrence, tighten pressure on Russia to end Ukraine war.

At 21 November 2022 PA NATO stressed that the resolutions are aimed at keeping the Alliance fit for purpose, implementing defence commitments made by leaders in Madrid in June, responding to the economic consequences of Russia’s war, cyber-security, the impact of climate change and fighting corruption.

In their resolutions, the PA NATO legislators urged the Allies to move quickly on the Madrid Summit aims to ensure “the modernisation of the NATO Force Structure, thereby boosting the Alliance’s overall presence on the eastern flank.” They said NATO governments should “increase military, intelligence, financial, training and humanitarian support to Ukraine, including by accelerating deliveries of the weapons that Ukraine needs to protect itself and to restore its territorial integrity.”

That support, PA NATO legislators insisted, must be sustained “for as long as it takes for Ukraine to prevail.” “I expect Allies to continue making progress, including with commitments beyond 2024, because 2% of GDP on defence should be considered a floor, not a ceiling for our defence investments,” Stoltenberg said.

The PA NATO resolutions also urged national governments to tighten economic sanctions against Russia and end their reliance on its energy supplies to punish Moscow but also to drive investment in renewable sources.

Separate resolutions focused on strengthening the cyber-resilience of Allied societies, but also on the need to provide help to Ukraine, the impact of global warming on security and NATO planning and operations, and the need to intensify domestic and international efforts to fight corruption as Putin and other authoritarians use graft to subvert governments and democracy.

So the Madrid NATO Summit was essencial for the futher activities on de-occupation of the Crimea.

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