In the Russia-occupied Sevastopol, the criminal “administration” was noted in another land scam – local residents traditionally suffered, namely thirty families with disabled children who cannot use land plots in Sarandinakina Balka.

Since 2016, the Russian occupiers have stated that “this territory with a rock burial ground located on it” “is assigned to a zone where any excavation and construction work is prohibited”.

However, such a foundation has never interfered with the “chosen ones” in the occupied city, and now, in the areas where “building is prohibited”, the occupiers plan to pave the way for military needs.

At the same time, the occupiers’ propaganda claims that the illegal “government” allegedly “allocated” the plots in 2018 and allegedly “got something wrong”, but in fact, these plots were at least partially received by the families of beneficiaries before the occupation of the Crimea from the legitimate authorities.

As in many other cases described by us, having succumbed to the pressure of the occupiers to “re-register plots”, their owners, after going to the criminal “administration”, found that they were left without land, and no “expertise” and “appeals” can not help them, of course, any longer.

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