Presidential elections were scheduled for May 14 in Turkey, and after the recent tragic earthquake in the republic, discussions began on the possibility of postponing them. Today, both the election date and electoral forecasts remain open, and this is happening against the backdrop of widespread speculation and provocations by the aggressor’s propaganda.

Among other things, the occupiers-controlled “Sevastopol media” cite statements by the illegal “head of the Department of political sciences of the Sevastopol state university” Alexander Irkhin about these elections, that allegedly “elections in Turkey are our internal political problem”. It is well known how exactly the aggressor is accustomed to solving “internal political problems”, and in this respect the statements of the same Irkhin about the alleged “way of a coup d’état” are not so surprising.

At the same time, Irkhin himself is not quite a “random character”; as occupiers’ “talking head”, he is regularly used by the aggressor’s propaganda, and he also published a number of “studies on Turkish issues” where he promotes the ideas of “neo-Islamic revival” of an allegedly “Russia’s situational ally”.

Against the backdrop of Russia’s apparent increased attention to Turkey and the sending of “star” saboteurs close to Ramzan Kadyrov under the guise of “earthquake rescuers”, the aggressor’s propaganda campaign, that has begun, can be, among other things, a form of aggressor’s criminal pressure on Ankara.

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