The recent statement by the fake “Sevastopol governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev that he intends to “strengthen public order” by “involving people’s vigilantes and members of Cossack societies” caused a completely expected discussion of this issue, including among Sevastopol collaborators.
The fact is that the last time the aggressor’s propaganda talked about the Sevastopol “people’s vigilantes” was at the end of 2022, in relation to the structures “Rubezh” and “Voluntary people’s brigade of Sevastopol”, with “talking heads” in the form of collaborators Kirill Komissar and Sergei Parkhimovich.
Then the occupiers announced the figures of 21 thousand “man-hours of vigilantes per year”, and at the “end of the budget period” it was not for nothing, since the occupiers wrote off funds for these “needs” at the rate of “115 rubles per hour per person”, by “concluding agreements” with the same criminal “commanders”.
However, this simple “business” with virtual “vigilantes” from the “management of the city’s public security department” predictably “loves silence,” which is quite dissonant with the “needs” of the occupiers’ propaganda.
But it can be assumed that the “administration”, after Razvozhaev’s public mention of the “vigilantes”, decided to replace the Komissar and Parkhimovich in the role of “counterparties”, since on July 3 the same illegal “department” posted an advertisement for “enrollment in the people’s squads”, leaving for “feedback” own coordinates.
Among the “bonuses”, in addition to the same “115 rubles per hour”, everyone is promised such a “unique opportunity” as participation in the competition “Best Vigilant”, following the results of which “the winners are encouraged … with certificates.”
Given the current physical absence of not only the “vigilantes” themselves, but even their “talking heads,” propaganda hastily has to talk about their vigorous activities exclusively “in absentia,” which causes natural sarcasm among city residents.
Particular curiosity here arises in connection with how to correlate the homeless outcasts, who have filled the city with the supposedly numerous “patrolling people’s vigilantes,” with clarification whether both categories are “the same persons.”

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