As it was stated in the criminal “department of capital construction” of occupied Feodosia, the Russian invaders “reconsidered plans” for the promised “restoration” of the famous medieval Tower of St. Constantine. Let us recall that the key monument of medieval Kafa began to deteriorate sharply since 2016, when part of the ancient tower masonry “suddenly” began to fall out.

After that, the occupiers began to promise a “large-scale restoration” worth “billions of rubles” until 2024, and in the light of “future achievements”, five million rubles were quickly “used” on “project development”. Now the Russian occupiers are in no hurry to “save” the crumbling tower and promise that instead they will allocate some “funds” for illegal “excavations”, both near the collapsing object and in the area of another medieval Feodosian Tower, Giovanni di Scaffa.

Obviously, in the current conditions, the Russian occupiers want to plunder the archaeological heritage of the ancient cities of the peninsula as quickly as possible before its inevitable de-occupation.

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