According to the aggressor’s propaganda, the launch of the overpass in the Russia-occupied Inkerman, near Sevastopol, is being postponed. This “repair” began in March 2022, and the company “Vesta” from Krasnodar began to “master the funds”.

The criminal “Director of the department of transport” Pavel Ieno called the reasons for the “delay” in the “problems of logistics” that arose after the damage to the “Crimean bridge”. According to this collaborator, the illegal delivery of beams, which at first “according to the project” was 24, and then “suddenly turned out” to be 36, “could not be organized through a ferry crossing” in Kerch Strait.

Therefore, in order to deliver 8 beams of 58 tons each, the occupiers had to organize a criminal “transit” along the so-called “land corridor”. It is noteworthy that the fake “administration” obviously did not have the practical opportunity to illegally deliver this cargo to Sevastopol by sea.

Thus, the transport logistics of the occupied city remains quite complicated, given the constant problems with ferries through the Sevastopol Bay, which should be bypassed by land through the mentioned overpass.

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