In light of the ongoing fuel collapse in the occupied Crimea and the scams of the criminal “administrations” we have described, an interesting episode may be the announced “resignation” of the criminal “state council deputy” from “United Russia” Igor Tkachenko, announced on September 8.

This character is interesting not so much for his actions in the fake “committee on construction, transport and fuel and energy complex” as for his work before the occupation in the “Atan-Crimea” gas station network and in another fuel structure “Inter-Shelf”.

Further, during the occupation, Tkachenko, since 2018, was listed as the “head of the oils department” in the “Kedr” company “founded” by the wife of the owner of “Atan” Ivanna Tikhomirova. Now the “Tikhomirovs’ man” is being removed from the “fuel processes” in the “state council” and it is probably not by chance that this series of the “spiders in a jar” epic occurs simultaneously with the “diesel catharsis”.

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