As the “Crimean media” controlled by the occupiers “enthusiastically state” in Kerch, a five-story building is “almost ready” on the “territory of the Russian guard town near the auto approach to the “Crimean Bridge” in the Industrial Highway area”. and that “the boxes of two more five-story buildings are completely ready” for the aggressor’s punitive forces. Also, it is “simply” added that “it is not clear that there are problems with fuel, logistics, materials or shift crews at this facility”.

At the same time, it is reported that the occupiers predictably “shelved” the previously announced “construction of a new Kerch gymnasium” “until December 2024”, that is, practically “indefinitely” while “Kerch residents, especially those whose children are forced to wander around schools” will clearly not receive “the truth in covering what is happening”. However, the truth here is obvious and the aggressor’s criminal “priorities” have long been clear and the Kremlin is clearly not going to change them until the inevitable de-occupation of the peninsula.

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