We have previously written several times about a sham show with the “allocation of areas” for “veterans” of Russian aggression in the occupied Crimea. It was noted that the occupiers “allocated” these “seaside lands” promised by the Kremlin dictator in the abandoned lands of the Sevastopol village of Polyushko and in the area of the village of Lesnoye on lands polluted during the Soviet period by emissions from the Saki chemical plant.

Further, predictably, it turned out that before the aggressor’s “cannon fodder”, the punitive occupiers “suddenly turned up” in line for these inconveniences, and in addition, the declared plots were “obviously not enough” for hundreds of families of the Crimean “cargo 200”, and for thousands of people still waiting turn to the front-line crematorium.

Now the aggressor has announced plans to “give out land” in the west of the occupied peninsula and the criminal “head of the administration of the Black Sea region” said that “150 hectares will be allocated in the village of Medvedeve – which is five thousand plots.” Let us note that in Medvedeve (Tabuldy As), ten kilometers away from the sea, one and a half thousand people live, and in this area there are traditional problems with water and soils for agriculture; thus, the occupiers clearly expect that even if they are able to start this show promised for next year, then in this outback of scorched waterless steppe there will clearly not be a queue of people interested.

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