Previously, we have repeatedly written about the “interesting adventures” of the occupiers-controlled crematorium from the “Ekon” structure in Inkerman, Sevastopol, in burning so-called “medical waste”. It was noted that since the intermediary of the criminal “administration” for the “disposal of biological waste” of obvious origin did not bother to somehow clean up the emissions from his furnace, the level of stench led to widespread public coverage of the situation on social networks and the fake “authorities” were forced to “react” naturally worrying not about the health of the townspeople, but about the wide publicity of the work of this “smokehouse for the two hundredth”.

In May, the aggressor’s propaganda stated that “suddenly” the fake “courts and prosecutor’s office” were “concerned” with this problem, and that the “incineration furnace” itself was urgently dismantled. However, as we know, “nature abhors a vacuum” and now the occupiers are hastily building a new crematorium, also supposedly for the “disposal of biological waste” It is stated that a “specialized site” “should be developed in the area of the current solid waste landfill in Pervomaiska Balka”, that “the crematorium building will be one-story, with an area of ​​about 1500 square meters”, and on the fake “contract” with the structure “Stroyproekt” there is a criminal “United capital construction directorate” plans to launder about 8.8 million rubles.

The Pervomaiska Balka waste landfill itself is the largest landfill in Sevastopol, located in the forest at 15 kilometers of the “presidential highway” and in recent years a whole string of scandals and fake promises from the “administration” have been associated with the landfill. At the same time, something else is interesting, namely the mention of the fake “Chamber of control and accounts” that the “development of documentation” for the crematorium “was postponed due to the fact that the site of future construction was located in a three-kilometer restricted zone of a military unit”, namely the recently known “technical base of the Black Sea Fleet’s weapons”. Thus, the occupiers not only plan to “simplify the logistics” of burning “biological waste”, but also to remove unnecessary “eyes and ears” from the “regime” “damage zone” of the crematorium.

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