On September 9, we wrote about a somewhat comical situation when occupiers-controlled “social networks” began to discuss the criminal “head of the town council” of Sudak, Konstantin Rozhko, who had previously been seen in a negligee on a local nudist beach. We mentioned this seemingly insignificant episode from the collaborator and criminal “secretary of the city branch of United Russia” only because earlier, namely in March 2023, a number of aggressor’s fake “Crimean officials” began to actively talk about the “ban of nudism in the Crimea”.

Then, supported by the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, a big fan of “hot berries”, the representative of the punitive forces, Olga Alekseeva, cynically stated that supposedly “all citizens, including children, see a “picture” that harms the mental, spiritual and moral development of the younger generation”. And now the Sudak “picture” has a tragicomic continuation, since on September 15, the aggressor-controlled “Crimean media” announced the “dismissal” of Rozhko, without explaining the reasons, but due to “obvious circumstances.”

The further fate of the collaborator, who before the occupation was listed as the director of the Sudak-located “Zenit” boarding house from the Moscow aircraft manufacturing corporation “MiG”, is unclear, but probably his former owners will now be able to attach him to their advertising department. At the same time, many collaborators trying to leave the “sinking ship” of criminal “administrations” saw in the example of the “naked king of Sudak” an effective and fairly inexpensive algorithm for their “dismissal”.

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