As far as the water storage reservoirs have become shallow and due to the carelessness of theoccupying authorities, the Crimean population feel the problems with water supply are getting moreand more formidable. Thus, a lot of peninsula regions have shifted to the hourly schedule of bulkwater transport since August 24th. At the same time, such restrictions did not affect business, and theoccupying authority completely suggested the reduction of water consumption per one housingsector.

After that, Alushta shifted to the bulk water transport schedule since September 23rd. So far theregion has managed to get along with such limitations as the reduction of the pressure in thenetworks during night hours. There is a prospect of shifting to 10 cubic metre-barrels. Simferopol usesthem.
At the same time, for the dwellers of 45 high blocks, water is supplied to the 5th floor, not higher. The local authorities decided to assemble the accumulative tanks in the basements of such housesrather than productively tackling such a problem, to make the water supply to the higher storeyseasier.
Meanwhile, the microdistricts Kovylnaya and Bella Kuna were deprived of water on the weekendbecause of the accident, which happened to the header tube. They had to bring water in highwaytank trucks to the dialysis centre Krym, which receives all the patients suffering from kidney failure.

It keeps getting worse. For several days, the pipe arrangement was rinsed in Donskaya andObschestvennaya Streets because sewage runoffs got into the conduits.
The villages, which are the nearest ones to Simferopol and in which the central water supplyengineering is connected to the capital city pipelines, have also been left without water. As far as thepressure in the water supply network is low, water just cannot reach the suburbs and the so-calledregional administration decided to install the tanks.

The skilful utilities folks had other problems related with the tanks because their calculations did notmeet the standards of the real consumption. Despite using the tanks for one month, they did notmange to calculate a necessary water volume. In some places water starts to be covered in algae andis getting worse. Somewhere the barrel is emptied in several hours after the delivery. So, we have towait for the calls from the house dwellers to the emergency services.
Even in such trifles as regularly flushing the barrels to get rid of the settled sludge, the carelessnessand irresponsibility of the occupants are demonstrated.

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