On September 1, the aggressor’s propaganda published a “forecast” from the criminal “head of the Sevastopol city election commission” Nina Faustova that in the fake “elections” they allegedly “expect an increase in the number of voters” from the occupied mainland, to “thirty thousand”.

It is obvious that the aggressor understands that in the areas of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions devastated by the occupation, mass falsification will be “not enough” and creates a scheme of “dead souls” in the conditions of the occupied peninsula, which are more “comfortable” for the Kremlin agents.

The aggressor “tested” such a criminal approach while simulating a criminal “referendum” last fall, when in Sevastopol allegedly “about 15 thousand” people from mainland Ukraine voted with a fake “turnout” of “98.4 percent”.

The aggressor stated that allegedly at the beginning of November, “since February 24, about 15 thousand people independently arrived in Sevastopol” from the mainland, but in fact, as we have repeatedly written, firstly, there were fewer such persons in the occupied city and the criminal “authorities” did not burn with the desire to place them there; and, secondly, a significant part of the displaced persons were such “voters” as children deported by the aggressor.

Moreover, at the end of April 2023, the invaders’ propaganda admitted that “280 displaced persons from Kherson live in Sevastopol”, including children. It is worth predicting that in general, on the peninsula, the aggressor prepared to portray even more “dead souls” for its criminal show.

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