Earlier, we wrote about the “sudden” public support of terrorists from “Wagner” by the criminal Sergei Aksyonov around the so-called “shell hunger”.

Further, another “talking head” of the aggressor, Yevgeny Prigozhin, later announced a “solution to this problem”, while the parameters of the criminal supply of ammunition he voiced allowed experts to establish that the “Wagner” received and continue to receive and continue to receive them obviously more than the “regular” units of the Russian army.

In general, the operetta in terms of “supporting the Wagnerites” resembles a production with a pre-calculated result, and as part of this race for criminal PR, Prigozhin “publicly thanked” Aksyonov and indicated that he “like no one else … knows the existing problems. He is well aware of them and, as far as I know, constantly reports on them”.

This “exchange of pleasantries” takes place against the backdrop of the hype over “Aksyonov’s absence from reading Putin’s address”, as well as after his statements about “Putin’s order” to dig trenches in the Crimea and the maximum activity of “Wagner” recruitment in the occupied peninsula.
It is obvious that a number of Kremlin groups are already trying to “calculate” for themselves the future after the defeat of the Russian Federation and at the same time to occupy a “political niche” of the “we warned you” format.
However, as ARC expert Professor Borys Babin pointed out earlier on this issue, in the system of Moscow imperialism, a person who had previously been actively involved in “public politics” never found himself at the “top of power”.
It is unlikely that the expected replacement of power in the Kremlin will now go according to a different scenario, and therefore the usage of aggressor’s Crimean puppets for criminal PR is still a “process for the sake of a process”.
However, as a result of this criminal “game around the Kremlin”, the corpses turn out to be real. Of those publicly discussed, it is worth pointing out the Sevastopol resident Konstantin Chervyakov, who was killed as part of the “Wagner” on December 8, whose corpse was found on February 16.
This adherent of the “Russian world” for many years was engaged in “search for victims of the Second World War” as part of the “Beregovaya Oborona”, ” “Coastal Defense” structure controlled by the special services of the aggressor, and thanks to the “exchange of courtesies” mentioned above, he received a “unique chance” to become the object of search work himself.

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