The aggressor’ propaganda announced the return of a group of fake and illegal “military investigators” from the combat zone to the occupied Sevastopol, who for several months fabricated fake “cases” about alleged “crimes of the Ukrainian military”.

The aggressor’s statements allow to suggest that the focus of these provocations is directed by the occupiers to the death of the civilian population of Mariupol, which actually occurred from Russian shelling and other military operations of the Russian occupiers in the spring of 2022.

The absurdity of the position of the “investigation” that the Ukrainian troops were allegedly “to blame” for this, defending the encircled and blockaded city, all exits from which were blocked by the aggressor’s troops, including the “810th brigade”, which used indiscriminate air, rocket and artillery shelling, obviously will be the least worried for the Kremlin customers.

The curator of these provocations “on the spot”, obviously, is the criminal “head of the military investigation department of the investigative committee of Russia for the Black Sea Fleet”, “lieutenant general of justice” Sergey Arefiev. This war criminal appeared in the occupied Sevastopol since the summer of 2021 and previously he “occupied positions” in the “military investigation” of the aggressor in the “North Caucasian”, and later in the “Southern Military District” of the Kremlin.

The purpose of such dirty provocations is obvious – this is the “information noise” of the aggressor’s propaganda against the backdrop of the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in occupied Mariupol, as well as large-scale spring losses during its assault on the same so-called “Sevastopol” “810th Marine brigade” of the Russian invaders, that are impossible to hide further.

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