In social networks, Sevastopol residents are actively discussing the “innovative” decision of the criminal “administration” and the illegal structure “Parks and Squares” associated with it to make a solid waste landfill on the territory of the tract Maksimova Dacha, in the ruins of a former juice factory

Maksimova Dacha, as the former estate of a major contractor Alexei Maksimov, is a dilapidated complex with a landscape park and a system of ponds, created at the beginning of the last century in Khomutova Balka.

The Ukrainian authorities at one time established a conservation status for Maksimova Dacha; the areas of Khomutova Balka adjacent to it were a favorite vacation spot for Sevastopol residents, and in 2024 the 170th anniversary of its creator would be celebrated.

However, Sevastopol residents are not only worried about this, and not even that there is a mass grave of victims of the Second World War right next to the landfill.

The fact is that the underground and surface watercourses of the park will obviously wash away the “quintessence” of the landfill right into the center of occupied Sevastopol. Earlier we wrote about large-scale scams associated with the aforementioned “Parks and Squares” and with another similar fake structure “Clean City Enterprise”, which is associated with collaborator Ilya Zhuravlev.

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