As the aggressor’s propaganda in occupied Sevastopol states, “a list of 66 public spaces subject to anti-terrorist protection has been approved”, and it is indicated that “previously there were 18 such places in Sevastopol” and that now “this list includes all large parks and squares.”

The meaning of the “increased attention” of the criminal “administration” to “anti-terror in the parks” is quite obvious, since “according to the legislation” of the aggressor, “such public places must have video surveillance, warning and evacuation control systems, outdoor lighting” and additionally “there must be provided physical protection”.

It is on the “purchases of video surveillance systems”, as well as on the “dead souls” of the guards, that the criminal “authorities” plan to cash in.

It is extremely characteristic that at the same time the “administration” reported that “Sevastopol residents will now pay for the safety of playgrounds and sports grounds” because, unlike the “park anti-terror”, the occupiers do not have money for this and “management companies will include in the tariff for the maintenance of adjacent territories those sites that are located near residential buildings”.

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