We have already written about the aggressor’s propaganda show with a fake “claim” regarding the so-called “water blockade” where the collaborators apparently plan to include anything up to the “repair of the Crimean bridge”.

However, here we are not talking about some kind of logic that is traditionally pointless to look for, but about all the new stories for the “Kremlin TV”.

Thus, “Crimean” propaganda stated that they plan to add “enterprises affected by the water blockade” to the fake “claim” in an illegal court, and obviously the desire of their current beneficiaries “who do not like bright light” will be the last to be interested.

However, the current rhetoric of collaborators about “ecocide” and activities controlled by the aggressor of the “Titan” plant, also known as the so-called “Titanium Investments”, “Crimean Soda Plant” and “Brom” plant, is quite remarkable in a different way.

The fact is that Ukrainian law enforcers have been investigating the damage caused to the environment by these enterprises for a long time, and this concerns not only atmospheric pollution due to gross violations of the technological cycle by the occupiers, but also regarding the predatory production of Sivash brine by factories in recent years, as well as the thoughtless pumping of artesian waters, as in the Crimea and in the neighboring regions of the Kherson region.

So, the fakes of the occupiers about the “international response” can be answered quite simply: real materials about the acts of the aggressor against the ecology of Crimea have been discussed by the UN structures and other organizations for three years, in particular, within the framework of information and evidence submitted by our Association.

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