At a recent aggressor’s propaganda St. Petersburg international forum, the criminal “governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev announced allegedly “two new models of drones” – the naval “Sargan” and the air “Sarancha-10” (“Locust-10”), however, they were clearly in the form of “mock-ups” at the event.

At the same time, the aggressor-controlled “Sevastopol media” mentioned the “forced exit from the free economic zone” of the occupied city, through the “courts” of the invaders, of a certain “firm” “Scientific and production transport complex “Skat” (“NPTK “Skat”).

At the same time, in the earlier “contracts” between the occupiers and “Skat”, it was indicated that “the company will conduct research, development and operation of robotic systems with artificial intelligence”, including an “underwater robot” and other things, on which it was supposed to “master” about 4 million rubles.

However as it turned out, “Skat” should not have been produced the specified underwater vehicle “Super Gnome” and other equipment, but to “purchase” it, on which 7 million rubles were dissolved.

The occupiers “completely by chance” do not mention the beneficiary of “Skat”, who, according to the “registries” of the occupiers, is Alexander Uvarov from Tomsk.

Uvarov is remarkable not only for his connections with many commercial structures, but for his role as a regional deputy of the Tomsk region and vice-rector of the ‘Tomsk state university of control systems and radio electronics’.

At the same time, in his Tomsk, Uvarov was engaged in creating a scientific halo for himself at the “UNESCO university chair” and, in general, the activities of his “Skat” are more reminiscent of not just a pad for money laundering, but a structure that aimed to illegally purchase valuable technological equipment from Western countries in circumvention of sanctions. However, it is likely that “something went wrong” in this criminal scheme of the Russian special services.

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