Last year, in an effort to imitate the “human face”, the criminal “governor” in Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, began to conduct such a PR campaign as “governor’s fish Thursday”.

According to the “conditions of the action” in some “particularly close to the administration” stores, the townspeople allegedly could “purchase Black Sea fish at a discount”.

However, given the “Thursday” effect of mainly on the already inexpensive types of small fish, and given the not so significant “discount” and also the often stale type of “promotional goods”, these attempts of the “Krasnoyarsk kolobok” to play “fish and spectacle” did not cause excitement among the population.

And now, as it was reported on August 17 on social networks, this “auction of unprecedented generosity with anchovy” is allegedly “temporarily suspended” for a prosaic reason: the collapse of the aggressor’s “Crimean logistics” has led to the fact that with the new fuel prices, aggressor-controlled fishermen do not go to sea even in the “permitted areas” southeast of Sevastopol.

However, Razvozhaev is clearly not going to lose heart about this, and instead of a anchovy, he now, in the role of “part-time entertainer of the Black Sea Fleet”, daily offers the city population announcements of “firing practice” and “munitions explosions”.

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