We have already written about the “budgetary misadventures” of the occupiers in Crimea, and now a similar tragicomedy can be observed in Sevastopol. There, the criminal “deputies of the legislative assembly” stated that “for the current year, the ratio of their own income and gratuitous receipts was planned to be” 40 to 60 percent, and “for 2024, 52 and 48 percent, respectively.” “In reality,” say the collaborators, “the ratio was 29 and 71 percent,” that is, the aggressor was able to extract a quarter less than expected from the collapsing urban “economy,” but “the next year,” the criminal “authorities” only raised the obviously unrealistic bar to “57 percent of own income”.

The collaborators were not ashamed to state that “those sectors of the economy that could bring income to the budget of Sevastopol have not been brought to the level necessary for this in recent years”.
In response, the criminal “governor” invited his “colleagues” to treat “statements responsibly” since their description of “cuts in the social sphere” somewhat contrasted with Razvozhaev’s traditional speech about the supposedly “generous Kremlin.” As a “recipe for happiness,” the fake governor suggested that Sevastopol residents “work more” and “pay more taxes,” complaining about low “labor productivity,” apparently “confusing” it with the truly paltry “per capita gross regional product”.

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