On March 22, the criminal Crimean fake “speaker” and a completely real Nazi Vladimir Konstantinov made a number of statements regarding the aggressor-advertised “II International parliamentary conference” “Russia-Africa in multipolar world”, organized in Moscow.

This show, which, frankly, gathered a rather dull set of participants, became the site of convulsive attempts by the Kremlin to promote its criminal narratives, including the “Crimean agenda”. Konstantinov openly admits that his only “function” at the conference was the criminal “demonstration” of the occupational “administration” and he did nothing more there.

However, the fakeness of the conference itself is evident even in Konstantinov’s statements, which, combined with his outright racism, led to rather tragicomic theses.

Thus, the illegal “speaker” says that allegedly “new formats are needed, it is necessary to get in touch with these countries with the proposal of specific solutions, and not just criticize the West together with them”, thereby directly recognizing what the Kremlin and representatives of individual African dictatorships convened in Moscow, the only common indicator is only a public and demonstrative rejection of the principles of democracy, civilization and sustainable development.

Declaring that allegedly “we have always offered Africans disinterested assistance” and that “grain will be transferred to African countries free of charge”, Konstantinov directly hints at his deep fury that this “auction of unprecedented generosity” “could go to the needs” of Crimean collaborators, not African dictators, and fill not their, but personally Konstantinov’s bottomless pockets.

However, in fact, it can be assumed that the flow of promises of all sorts of “disinterested assistance” will end with the well-known to Crimean collaborators phrase “there is no money, but you hold on”, addressed to African dictators.

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