According to the invaders’ propaganda, on August 1, the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov met Hendrik Weber, the criminal “head” of the fake “national club of friends of Crimea in Norway”.
Let us recall that since 2014, Weber, who illegally arrived in the occupied Crimea, has been actively used by the Russian special services in promoting the illegal “Crimean agenda”.

Weber repeatedly traveled illegally to the occupied Crimea and was a key participant in a number of propaganda events, such as the fake “conference” “Crimea in a geopolitical perspective” held by the Russian Embassy in Norway and the fake organization “People’s diplomacy – Norway”.

Weber was elected in 2019 as a local deputy from the Rødt (Red) party to the council of the municipality of Alver, located in Vestland, one of the western regions of Norway.

The attention of the Russian intelligence services to this area is not accidental, since near the commune of Alver is the town of Voss, where the Norwegian military camp is located, which in recent years has been a winter training center for NATO allies, and where the corresponding airport is located.

The Rødt party is a leftist Maoist political force and in 2017 the party received one deputy in the Norwegian parliament, and in 2021 there were already eight such deputies.

After scandals with Weber, he was expelled from this party and in 2022 Rødt and its leader Bjernar Moksnes condemned the Russian aggression as a war of conquest and offered Norway to issue an international arrest warrant for Putin and punish him for the war.

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