We have already written on the example of the residents of Kerch Heroevka that, among other things, the “restrictions on civilian navigation in the waters of the Kerch Strait” introduced at the end of July by the aggressor’s Ministry of Defense, among other things, stopped the traditionally busy fishing there, on which the fish mafia made good money in recent years.

Now, on this occasion, the criminal Sergey Aksyonov “revived”, stating on August 1 that the alleged restrictions “will not significantly affect the work of anglers” and that “decisions on appeals from anglers” are allegedly “made manually”.

In this context, in addition to stating the Aksyonov’s role in the activities of the aforementioned transnational fish mafia, it can be recalled that the aggressor’s propaganda itself states the transition of the Kerch “canned fish enterprises” controlled by the occupiers to “imported products”.

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