Our Association wrote a lot about the aggressor’s mass abduction in the summer of 2022 of young people from the occupied part of the Kherson Region under the guise of supposedly “recovery”. It was reported that by September-October 2022, the Russian occupiers had concentrated up to two thousand criminally “evacuated” children in occupied Yevpatoria.

This took place on the basis of the Ukrainian children’s sanatoriums captured in 2014: “Chaika”, “Druzhba”, “Luchisty”, “Mriya” and “Zdravnitsa”. The occupiers’ propaganda did not refute the figures for thousands of children, but rather emphasized in every possible way, and repeatedly published video materials and so on.

On January 15, we reported, with reference to ARC experts, that after December 16, references to these children abruptly disappeared in the propaganda of the occupiers, and also that from the end of December 2022, these “evacuated” children of the aggressor’s structure were suddenly and massively taken out of the occupied Yevpatoria. But at the same time, experts pointed out, there is no evidence that the children returned to the Kherson Region, including its part occupied by Russia.

We pointed out the opinion that some of these children could be taken to Chechnya and that during the removal of children from the “sanatoriums” of Yevpatoria in December, the Russian occupiers “let slip” to this “staff” that they were allegedly transporting them “to the Moscow region”.

This publication of the Association received a significant social response, many Kherson residents in the comments to it on “Facebook” demanded to establish the circumstances of the incident and fairly punish the criminal invaders’ “officials”, and the fact of the removal of children was indicated by many commentators as well-known.

“In response”, aggressor-controlled persons, close to the criminal “governor” Saldo, immediately took some provocative actions.

So, the criminal “administration of the Kherson region” stated on January 19 that allegedly “more than a hundred children were evacuated from the Kherson region in early October, they were settled in sanatoriums in Yevpatoria” and that “now they are studying at school.”\

In the “clarifying” material, distributed on January 20 by Russian propaganda in Crimea, for example – “Krymskaya Pravda”, it was indicated that “128 children evacuated from Kherson have decided to leave in Yevpatoria for the time being”.

And the point here is not even in the absence of any photo and video evidence of the presence of these children in occupied Yevpatoria in 2023, but in the indicated minimum number.

It directly follows from such occupiers’ “denials”, that they do not intend to say anything at all about the fate of more than one and a half thousand Kherson children, out of those almost 2 thousand that they announced in October.

A certain group of children could still be in the occupied Crimea, but the aggressor remains silent about the fate of the rest, thereby silently recognizing its acts.

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