According to a number of media reports, in the occupied Simferopol, in the so-called “pre-trial detention center No. 2”, there is a “closed institution”, which contains people stolen by the aggressor’s punishers from the occupied mainland Ukrainian territories.

They are kept separately from the rest, and the fact of their stay in the “isolation cell” is carefully hidden, this “prison in prison” is a separate special block, with a sign “SIZO No. 8” in front of the entrance.

According to the “registries” of the occupiers, illegal “detention center No. 8” appeared in October 2022, but the first mainland hostages appeared in it from March 2022. This institution is “managed” by a Russian Idrisov Rauf, who previously noted his work in the Vladikavkaz prison associated with the FSB.

According to the testimonies of the Ukrainians who managed to get out of this “isolation cell in the detention center”, violence was used against them – invaders used shockers, choked, fired from pneumatics, beaten and tortured with electric current, and also forced to sing aggressor’s propaganda songs.

At the same time, most of the hostages of “detention center No. 8” do not have any “legal status” at all, some of them receive “criminal cases”, including allegedly in connection with “international terrorism” or “an attempt to commit a terrorist act”, but many of them were detained in the occupied mainland territories for some kind of “opposition to a special military operation”, which, incidentally, is not in the criminal laws of the Russian Federation, which are illegitimate for Crimea.

The detainees themselves do not have the opportunity to contact the outside world, do not have any “legal status” at all, and one of the persons faced with this situation indicated that in the “materials of criminal cases” their detention in a “prison with a double bottom” is explained by a certain order of the Kremlin dictator to place the captured persons in a “isolation cell” “on based on the decision of the security authority and on the act of acceptance and transfer”.

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