Such a Russian military intelligence site as “Komsomolskaya Pravda” stated in an “advertising article” allegedly referring to “analysts of the hotel and apartment booking service” that occupied Sevastopol topped a certain “rating of cities where travelers want to spend the day of the navy” of the aggressor on July 30, and Feodosia was listed in sixth place in the fake “rating”.

Obviously, such articles are published to lure “Russian tourists”, but this time the aggressor’s propaganda “forgot” to take into account a simple fact: the occupiers will not hold any “parades” in Crimea on July 30 for quite obvious reasons.

This situation outraged even the aggressor’s Crimean propagandists, who said about the “Moscow colleagues” that “this year the deception of vacationers was taken to a new level”. However, it is worth recalling that a year ago, in the occupied Sevastopol, entirely local businessmen sold “places with a view of the bay so that they could look at the sea parade” in occupied Sevastopol, and that the parade was canceled, the sellers “modestly kept silent”.

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